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Moelven Wood develops and produces a large selection of wood-based building and interior products with a high degree of processing, primarily for sale by building retail outlets in Scandinavia.

“We have a broad and efficient marketing organization, which cooperates closely with the production units. Combined, this gives the division considerable innovative force,” says Bjarne Hønningstad, Division Manager of Wood. Click to view video

Moelven Wood has twelve production units in Norway and six in Sweden. At seven of our production units there are sawmills in addition to planing mills. At ten units there are also impregnation facilities. Other companies are processing plants that produce mouldings, floors, interior panelling, construction wood and other building and impregnated wood. 

Our products fall within three main groups: 

  • Building wood for structures, façades, outdoor areas, etc.
  • Interior products such as panelling, mouldings and flooring
  • Wood-based sheet material for construction and industry, in addition to special wood

The products are adapted to an increasing degree to the consumers' increased demand for products that require as little work as possible following installation. Within construction wood we provide facing that is pre-primed and/or pre-painted, while among interior products we supply and glazed and pre-painted panelling, surface-treated flooring and mouldings, in addition to pre-cut mouldings for doors and windows.

We have an efficient distribution concept that provides our customers with the right product at the right time from all product groups. Along with our competent marketing organizations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, this gives customers access to the combined knowledge of us as a supplier.


We provide cellulose chips to the paper and cellulose industry, while sawdust, wood shavings and dry chips and supplied to the chipboard industry and for bioenergy. The bark is used for heating the drying facilities at our sawmills, but is also sold as compost and for soil improvement.

Local raw material

The raw materials are sourced from forests close to Moelven's sawmills, and production takes place near the raw materials at companies with long traditions and sound knowledge within their product areas. Greater environmental awareness and higher demand for environmentally sustainable products and production methods along with continued product development, will in time increase demand for wood as a building material and for interior fittings.

Managing director Wood

Bjarne Hønningstad
Managing director
+47 97591201