Innovation is so diverse - Moelven
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Innovation is so diverse

Moelven has a broad-based approach to innovation processes. It may be a new product, a new service, a new or improved production process, a new application of a well-known product or a new organisation of the work - all for the purpose of creating improvements.

For the sawmills, the primary focus is on optimisation of production processes. The aim is to safeguard the values that are intrinsic to the raw materials, as far as possible through effective production tailored to the market and the purchase of raw materials.

For the planing mills, product development itself has a greater role alongside process development. Several new products have been introduced onto the market in recent years and their common denominator is a higher degree of processing and that the product range shall be able to follow changing new market trends. In the next phase of the flow of goods from production to the customer, the development of logistics and service concepts is a vital area for the Wood building products division.

For Building Modules, it has been important to develop both technology and concepts, so as to enable the building of modular buildings for residential purposes in several storeys. Technical solutions for connecting modules with technical installations is one example of an area where determined innovation activity has brought improved solutions that are now in day-to-day production.

For System Furnishing, product development is a vital and continuous process, because market trends are constantly changing. Over recent years the trend has been away from enclosed office solutions and into the increased use of glass walls and open-plan offices.

For many years now, Laminated Wood has been highly advanced in the development of new products and technical solutions and many major innovation projects have been completed in recent years.