How Moelven intends to win customers on the internet - Moelven
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How Moelven intends to win customers on the internet

Today's internet users don't hang around. Moelven wishes to provide better customer service online - with an information architecture to suit a modern, rather impatient user.
Norewgian "Viking ship" built with Glulam
Norewgian "Viking ship" built with Glulam

According to project manager Hilde Berg at Moelven Industrier ASA, the main thinking behind Moelven's new website is that customers can quickly find an overview of Moelven's entire range of products and services.
"The introduction of mobile platforms such as smart phones and tablets has hugely changed the way people use the internet in the last few years. It is no longer normal to spend much time on a website. The information architecture of Moelven's website has therefore been tailored for a modern, effective and rather impatient user," says Berg.

"We have also developed new tools that will help make Moelven's website a valuable place for customers to look for. Among other things, we are launching a product selector, which will help customers find exactly the product they are looking for - based on purpose, colour, timber type etc. When the right product has been chosen, the customer sees relevant contact information," says Berg.

A dealer summary is also being launched on Moelven's Swedish website. This will be available in Norway later.

"With our new website, our internet-based inspiration magazine "Gode Rom" and our presence in various social media, we hope to welcome both existing and future customers in the best possible way," concludes Berg.