Environment - Moelven
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Moelven operates in many different areas. Our operations affect the environment throughout the value chain, from raw material production to the end user's waste disposal.

Sustainability is part of our basic values and environmental considerations are therefore an integral part of our day-to-day work. At Moelven, we are constantly working to reduce the effects on the environment.

The forest raw materials that go into our production are well utilised. Every part of the raw timber finds a use - from production of building and interior products to the sale of chippings and bark to regional pulp and paper manufacturers, the particle board industry and for energy purposes.

It is a vital part of environmentally sustainable social development to use as many products as possible as many times as possible. Our goal is that 100 per cent of the raw materials shall be recyclable. Sorting of waste is practised by all units and the group has contracts with the providers of the necessary return systems.  Moelven's operations generate little waste, but we still work hard at reducing the quantity still further. 

Tracking raw materials

In order to ensure that our raw materials come from certified suppliers who practise responsible forestry, Moelven has established a tracking system that makes it possible to track materials backwards along the supply chain. Our sawmills are therefore also PEFC certified. This means that Moelven buys round timber from suppliers who operate sustainable production.  


Trucks are the most important means of transport for Moelven products. In order to reduce the environmental effects of transport, we are constantly working to optimise the use of every vehicle, coordinate the flow of goods and collaborate with other transport buyers.


Moelven's goal is to obtain at least 95 per cent of its energy needs for heating its premises and drying its products from self-produced (timber industry) bioenergy. Our ambition is to take an active role in the technological and market development of the bioenergy sector.
Moelven works constantly on energy efficiency. In parallel with this, we are developing a growing external market for biofuels. Our own energy efficiency activities mean that we increasingly have energy surpluses that can be sold to others and help strengthen our competitive position.

CO2 reporting 

Against the background of an ever increasing focus on greenhouse gas emissions, Moelven has prepared CO2 accounts for the group since 2010. This is based on the ISO 14064 standard for calculating emissions from Moelven's units.