Social responsibility - Moelven
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Social responsibility

Our most important contribution to society is to operate our business properly. Because healthy finances, attractive workplaces and employees who are happy in their work provide us with an excellent basis for playing a positive role in the places where our operations are located.

Openness as a guiding light

Openness is an important characteristic of Moelven's company culture. We shall be open, predictable and reliable - as an employer, as a member of the many local communities and as a group. We believe that openness creates a culture that ensures well-thought-through choices and good solutions for the business, for our employees and for the communities in which we are located. Openness is therefore part of Moelven's identity. 

We look on the trade unions as important parties and there is a stable and open dialogue between the companies and the union representatives. This contributes to good cooperation based on current laws and agreements and on Moelven's basic values - that the group shall be sustainable and reliable and see opportunities. 

Strongly endorsed by the local community

Moelven operates and invests in business that create work in very many places. Every unit within the group has a responsible and significant role in the local community and contributes to vigorous rural communities, towns and regions. 

Our ethical platform

Moelven does not accept conditions in our suppliers' or customers' businesses that involve a breach of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights or any other unethical conditions, such as child labour.  

Within the activities of the Moelven group, there shall not be any differential treatment on account of gender, ethnic origin, language, sexual orientation, religion or philosophy. Job descriptions, areas of responsibility, expertise and work effort form the basis for determining pay, promotion and recruitment. With us, it is what you can do that counts. Moelven shall also facilitate conditions for those with reduced functional abilities.

In business life, we act professionally, with clear rules for personal behaviour and respect for law and rules. At Moelven, we will neither give nor receive gifts or bribes that weaken our integrity. We distance ourselves from all forms of corruption and unlawful acts that prevent free competition and market balance. 
In our business activities, we shall always maintain a healthy, ethical and moral profile towards employees, customers, suppliers and business contacts.

We give people opportunities

Moelven focuses on long-term employment relationships and wishes to offer its own employees the opportunity to develop in their jobs.  Moelven gives opportunities to people who want them This is a philosophy that covers the group's objectives for what people we want to recruit, what knowledge we need, what pay and working conditions we offer, how new employees are introduced and what development and career opportunities we offer. 

Focus on safety

Safe environmental conditions for employees and visitors are crucial for a sustainable and sound economic growth. All our production processes must therefore be organized to avoid health risks. Moelven`s pronounced goal is “zero injuries”. This goal implies the attitude that all injuries can be avoided, and that targets other than zero would be unethical. Focus on preventing accidents and injuries is consequently of utmost importance and priority throughout our organization.