The Moelven Group - Moelven
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The Moelven Group

Moelven is a Scandinavian industrial group that produces building materials and systems for the construction industry.

The Moelven Group has its headquarters in Moelv in Norway and consists of 53 production units and 33 offices for sales, service and fitting. Most of the production units are companies and workplaces with a strong local presence in rural communities in South East Norway and the western part of Central Sweden. The offices for sales and service are located in larger population centres around Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. Production in Norway and Sweden is of approximately the same volume, but the Swedish units export a greater proportion of their production than the Norwegian. Out of a total of 3375 employees at the end of 2015, 1769 work in Norway, 1578 in Sweden, 21 in Denmark and 11 in other countries.

Moelven offers a wide range of building products and building systems and associated services. The Scandinavian market accounts for 80 per cent of sales revenues, and 85 per cent of the Group's products and services are used for new building or renovation of homes and commercial property. A large part of the remaining operation consists of sales of biomass for biofuel and for pulp, paper and particle board production. The Group also supplies wood products to the furniture, interior and packaging sectors. Customers are divided into three main segments: industry, retail and construction activities. These segments are based on the nature of their business, purchasing routines and service and distribution needs. The Group is divided into three divisions: Timber, Wood and Building Systems, each of which focuses on one of the main segments. There is also an Other Businesses reporting area, which consists of the holding companies, supply businesses and bioenergy companies.

The Timber division consists of 14 production units and 4 sales offices, supplying industrial timber, components and chip products made from local spruce and pine. The customers are mainly industrial companies that buy products for their own production of construction timber, panels, flooring, mouldings, windows, packaging, board and paper products and for bioenergy. About 60 per cent of operating revenues come from Scandinavian customers. At the end of 2015, there were 696 employees, 248 of them in Norway, 440  in Sweden and 8 in other countries.

The Wood division consists of 20 production units and 3 customer centers. The main products are white and impregnated building wood, mouldings, floorings, interior and exterior panels, boards, components and chip products. Wood also sells products produced by other companies. Almost 80 per cent of production is sold through the building goods trade. Wood is one of the leading suppliers to the Scandinavian market and about 96 per cent of its operating revenues come from Scandinavian customers. At the end of 2015, there were 1063  employees, 611  of them in Norway, 431  in Sweden and 21  in Denmark.

Building Systems
The Building Systems division consists of 14 production units and 33 sales, service and fitting offices. Building Systems is divided into the business areas Glulam, Building Modules and System Interiors, all three of which are market leaders in Norway and Sweden, as well as Electrical Services in Norway. The division's building and contracting customers buy customized building modules, flexible interior solutions systems and associated services, advanced glulam structures and electrical installation services. In addition to bridges and load-bearing structures, the glulam unit also has considerable sales of standard laminated timber beams through the building products trade, as well as components for the prefabricated house industry. About 99 per cent of operating revenues come from Scandinavian customers. At the end of 2015, there were 1486 employees, 862 of them in Norway, 624 in Sweden and 4 in the United Kingdom.

Other businesses
Other businesses include the parent company Moelven Industrier ASA and the common services HR and Communications, ICT, as well as economics, finance and insurance. Timber supply and sales of chips and energy products are included through the companies Moelven Skog AB, Moelven Virke AS and Vänerbränsle AB. Moelven Bioenergi AS is also included. 

Moelvens main shareholders are 4 Forest Owners Associations, a Regional Energy Group and an Agricultural Cooperative. For further detail see Corporate-governance.